Welcome to the Family

Meet the ABC crew Y.J.M.

(Yahya, Jr. and Moné)

Y.J.M. love a good adventure and are known to have a wild imagination. Y.J.M. are loyal to each other even if they disagree. They protect one another and allow one another to walk in their own strength. They love to explore the outside world. Y.J.M. learn, grow and strengthen their bond through using their sensories: sight, sound,and touch.

Yahya is the youngest out of the bunch. She is extremely curious and has a wild imagination. Playful. Radiant. Joyful.

Jr. is the oldest out of the crew. He is the voice of reason. Jr. is willing to give a helping hand. Encouraging, confident. Humorous.

Moné is fearless, outgoing, willing to try just about everything. She likes to lead. Free-spirited. Upbeat. Bold.

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  • ABC Your Way to Confidence
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Merchandise is here!

Apparel the whole family can enjoy is here. It’s a movement. Unity is the only way.

Man!!! Those of you that have kids should definitely pick this up. It’s an easy tool for boosting confidence and very easy for the little ones to read. V this book is headed UP🙏🏾